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Aegis Alarms Window locks and keys

We can provide reliable security solutions for all types of window locks, including aluminium, metal and wood and for various styles such as sash, casement fanlights.

Our window lock range comes in several different finishes to match your decor, and includes:

W107 Sash Window Lock

A key-operated lock that enables the window to be locked shut or locked open in two positions.

W121 Sash Stops

These enable a window to be locked in an open or closed position.

W105, W104, R102 French Door Bolts

Suitable for wooden casement and French door windows, these provide extra security where a window is smashed to gain access to the window handle.

R104 Cylinder Mortice Rackbolt

Sophisticated version of the R102. Ideal for fitting to glass panelled doors, cupboards and also French doors.

W106 Casement and Fanlight Locks

Specially designed for rebated and narrow stile wooden casements and fanlights, these locks tighten the stile to the frame giving maximum security.

B119 Banham Multi-Purpose Bolt

A superior lock providing security for French doors and inward opening casement windows.

W108 Aluminium and Metal Window Lock

These are fitted under the handle and flush to the frame with screw heads covered  when the window is closed.

W109 Metal Window Cylinder Lock

Suitable for metal casements, fanlights and French doors and designed for maximum security, these locks have a ‘U’ cam locking onto a hardened steel pin.

W115 Dome Screw Lock

These are designed for all types of metal casement windows and fanlights. They have no accessible fixing screws and are fitted flush to the frame to prevent prising  off.

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